Nurturing remote learners through online student services

Remote learning gives students the advantages of flexibility and convenience. However, it also entails some adjustments from traditional teaching and learning activities, hence the importance of the fulfillment of not just the learning requirements but also of other schooling-related needs of students. In achieving this, an educational institution must offer both excellent education and good student services, ensuring a learner’s holistic experience and success.

High school is the best time to start preparing a child for the future, and at this stage, parents must be critical in choosing a school. One must consider not only the quality of an academic program and curricular offerings of a school, but also the student services it provides. To help you make an informed decision on your child’s high school education, here are the necessary student services and programs that you must look for.

Admissions, scholarship grants

The admissions office receives and evaluates applications of new students. It guides applicants through the admission process and assists with the requirements. It also helps facilitate scholarship applications.

Making the process easier for applicants and their parents, some schools have implemented online applications and eased admission process. This saves parents and students time and effort and helps ease a learner’s transition into a new environment.

Health and wellness services

The current pandemic has highlighted the importance of physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is necessary for educational institutions to implement and maintain programs catering to their students’ health and well-being despite the remote learning setup.

Applicants and their parents must consider a school’s capability in helping students achieve physical and mental wellness. It should not only have a physical clinic and a guidance and counseling center but also offer virtual or online health consultation as well as counseling services and personal development programs during challenging times.

Learning resources, academic support

The prevalence of online learning has paved way for educational institutions to upgrade their teaching and learning capabilities.

Consider schools with well-established learning management systems and rich and powerful educational tools and resources, which makes remote learning easy and effective for students. Libraries have also become digital as schools beef up their e-Book and e-Journal database subscriptions, which may be used for reading and academic activities in subjects like research, robotics and technology, engineering, and coding or programming.

Complementing these powerful academic resources is the conduct of online academic advising through online platforms. Through this, schools continue to help their students in setting and achieving academic goals.

Document requests, payment options

Under the new normal, onsite business transactions have become a challenge. So, consider schools that have active and open communication lines for various transactions such as document requests, inquiries and concerns, and payments.