Audio-Visual Room

The 100-seater audio-visual room is equipped with the latest multimedia facilities, which the students and teachers can use to facilitate the teaching & learning process. It is also utilized for programs, symposia, and other school-related activities of the MHSS community.

Campus-wide WIFI

With a Wi-Fi campus, MHSS students who have a Wi-Fi-capable device like a laptop or smartphone, can now connect wirelessly to the Internet anywhere in the campus.

Computer Laboratory

There are three computer laboratory rooms for the Information and Communication Technology classes designed to accommodate a one-is-to-one computer–student ratio. The Learning Resource Center likewise houses computers for Internet research of students. It is also the student's gateway for online journals and encyclopedia such as Brittannica Online, Science Direct, and SAS Curriculum Pathways..

Robotics Workshop

A robotics workshop is provided to enable the students to gain skills and practical experiences in applying the theories and concepts learned in the classroom. These facilities are equipped with electronic, electrical, and mechanical tools and computer hardware and software for the construction and understanding of robotic systems.


The gymnasium, equipped with facilities and equipment for various sports, provides opportunities to all members of the academic community, particularly the students, to enjoy various sports and recreational activities.

Learning Resource Center

As an ally in the teaching and research needs of the academic community, the MHSS Learning Resource Center (LRC) serves the students, faculty, and other researchers through equitable access to high-quality information resources and services. The LRC uses the latest library automation system.

Math Activity Center

The Math Activity Center is located at the Learning Resource Center, equipped with books, computers, audio-video materials, math software, and other curriculum materials that enhance the students’ learning and appreciation of mathematics.

Science Laboratory Rooms

There are five science laboratory rooms located on the fifth floor: Integrated Science Laboratory, Biology Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, and Advanced Science Laboratory. These laboratory rooms are equipped with modern technology, which include acid-resistant table tops, emergency shower and eyewash, fume hoods, multiple-output digital microscopes, sensors, and probeware equipment.