Admissions Office


The Admissions Office is responsible for the students’ recruitment, admissions, and placement strategy in accordance to MHSS’ thrust of continually increasing enrollment as well as building and sustaining the school’s positive image in the academic community.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conceptualizes school promotions and student recruitment strategies in accordance to budget constraints and target student population, respectively;
  • Spearheads all benchmarking activities pertinent to best practices in managing student expectations, admissions requirements, DepEd expectations, and the like;
  • Links up with reputable associations and external organizations in order to continually build and sustain a reputable character for the School;
  • Attends to all admissions-related concerns raised by applicants/examinees, parents, and/or students; issues advisories on pertinent developments;
  • Implements policies and procedures pertinent to student admissions, records management, and reports generation and dissemination.
  • Manages the effective administration of entrance examinations for all incoming students, maintains a profile of students based on their personal information and exam results, and ensures that all exam results are collated and well kept;
  • Continually explores ways to improve processes pertinent to student recruitment and admissions, so as to enhance the delivery of services to all concerned personnel;
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned by the immediate superior when and where applicable.


Admissions Officer
Donner L. Bancod