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Elementary schools celebrate Filipino identity during MHSS’s MalayamPatimpalak 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012By Kim Selorio, Whizzy Works associate editor

As part of the Buwan ng Wika celebration, Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) held the “MalayamPatimpalak 2012” last September 11 at the Audio-Visual Room.

Students from Chiang Kai Shek College, Jacinto Zamora Elementary School, Don Bosco Technical Institute–Makati, and Dr. Celedonio A. Salvador Elementary School joined and actively participated in the different competitions of the event, namely, dagliang talumpati, malikhaing sabayang pagbasa, and paskilang haiku at tanaga.

Ready for their performances, students donned different Filipino costumes: Chiang Kai Shek College wore the colors of the Philippine flag, Dr. Celedonio A Salvador Elementary School represented the different ethnic groups of the country, and Jacinto Zamora Elementary School and Don Bosco Technical Institute–Makati proudly wore the barong tagalog and baro’t saya.

For them, joining these competitions was just a way to show how important one’s own language is as part of his identity and that he must treasure it and promote its use.

“We know the importance of Filipino language patronage. This is why we need to have proper appreciation of it,” said Sean and Christine, 5th and 6th grade pupils, respectively, from Jacinto Zamora Elementary School in Manila.

Filipino teacher Shirley G. Bolodo of Chiang Kai Shek College believes that events like MalayamPatimpalak help in enriching students’ awareness of the Filipino culture.

“Our theme ‘Love for Country Through Spoken Words’ for our piece in malikhaing sabayang pagbasa was about giving importance to our language. Our performance was all about reminding the Filipino people of their identity and to love their own language.”

Bolodo added: “The ideal of our President Aquino is to lead the country to the right path. Somehow, it will start with the love for the Filipino as spoken language. This, I think will unite all the people of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.”

MHSS principal Dr. Efren B. Mateo confirmed their statement.

“Like in all the yearly celebrations of the Buwan ng Wika, the goal of the activity is to promote and develop the use of the Filipino language as a medium to foster peace, unity, and understanding among the Filipinos.”

Dr. Mateo was proud of the success of the activity.

“The four schools participated actively in all the four contests. This is the second year that we held MalayamPatimpalak for elementary schools. We intend to have this activity as part of our yearly celebration of Buwan ng Wika.”

The day was not only a celebration of Buwan ng Wika but was also a day of friendship and camaraderie with fellow students from other schools.

The following are the winners of the MalayamPatimpalak 2012.

Dagliang Talumpati

1st Place: Sean Keil C. Padilla, J. Zamora Elem. School
2nd Place: David Angelo G. Piscasio, Don Bosco Technological Institute – Makati
3rd Place: Simpleen I. Natividad, Dr. Celedonio A. Salvador Elementary School

Malikhaing Sabayang Pagbasa

Grand Winner: Chiang Kai Shek College

Paskilang Haiku at Tanaga

1st Place: Chelsy Jessamae Ng, Chiang Kai Shek College
2nd Place: Gian Louis Dalupan, Don Bosco Technological Institute–Makati
3rd Place: Juan Gabriel B. Espeleta, Don Bosco Technological Institute–Makati