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MHSS graduates told to uphold values for a stronger, more progressive nation

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

John Gabriel P. Pelias, this year’s commencement speaker, tells MHSS graduates to uphold the ideals of justice, honesty, and integrity that they have learned at school that they may become the better future of the country.

"You, the youth, shall be the next leaders and builders of this nation. You are the ones who still have the chance and the opportunity to initiate change."

Similar to national hero Jose P. Rizal’s, these were the words that John Gabriel P. Pelias left as a reminder to 83 graduates of Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) during the commencement exercises last April 3 in the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of RCBC Plaza.

As the latest batch of MHSS graduates are about to prepare themselves for the future and take their first steps into the real world, Pelias, who was this year’s commencement speaker, gave them a clear picture of the current situation of the country brought about by the attitude of society. He began by reiterating how important Rizal thought the youth was in our nation.

"You, the youth, are, in Rizal’s words, the future and hope of this nation. [Perhaps] you have heard this statement a lot of times already… Perhaps, in a million times of hearing this statement, it will already lose its essence, its meaning for us," said Pelias.

According to him, as it is the tendency of the youth to always look for something new, to look for more, and to look for what they don’t have, their frequent encounters with the same things in life will eventually lead to apathy. Teenagers right now don’t pay attention to many of the things because they have already grown apathetic to them. The same thing goes for the on-going social and political issues in the country such as corruption.

"Gasgas na ang mga pahayag na ito. Pagbuklat mo ng pahayagan, pagbukas mo ng telebisyon, laman na yan ng balita – ang korupsyon. Marahil ay nasanay na tayo sa kasalukuyang kalagayan. Ganyan na ang kalakaran sa ating lipunan sapul pa lang ipinanganak tayo."

For Pelias, the problem of corruption in the government is also rooted in these tendencies of the youth that the country’s officials have failed to outgrow or control.

"Indeed, most of our bureaucrats are teenagers by heart – always wanting what’s new, always wanting for more, and always wanting those that are not yet in their possession… As if what they have still isn’t enough, they incessantly plunder the people’s money. They acquire more than what they need as the great majority suffers poverty."

Talking to the youth of today, who will eventually become the future leaders of the nation, Pelias took the opportunity to ask these Malayans who would be starting a new chapter in their lives to examine themselves and find within them the solutions to all these looming problems.

"You perhaps also feel bad about our nasty bureaucrats about how they steal your parents’ money… But before we even bark on the majestic halls of our most despicable officials, we better ask ourselves first: Am I not just the same as them? Did we even care about principles in the first place or are they also cliché to us?"

To be able to build and lead the nation toward a brighter future, Pelias reminded the graduates not to let go of the ideals of justice, honesty, and integrity that they have learned at MHSS.

"It is in these [ideals] where Rizal placed his hope that we become the better future of our nation. May Rizal’s clichéd proposition finally become more of essence to us. This time, let’s actually make a difference. Let us strive to make it not clichéd by actually translating into reality Rizal’s expectations."

He continued: "As greater challenges await you out in that bigger world, equipped with scientific, technological, and artistic skills you have learned in school, may you face them with dignity and integrity. They might be daunting, in fact, sometimes frustrating, and doing the right thing might be the more difficult path to take. But hey, at least, the moment you have surmounted those obstacles, you know that you have won them over fair and square."

In light of all these mentioned social and political challenges in the country, MHSS principal Dr. Efren B. Mateo ensured that Malayans are not only developed to be scientifically and technologically adept but are also molded to possess the character of a nation builder and future leader.

"In school, our students are taught that other than knowledge, equally important learnings that teachers inculcate in them are the values that are spelled in DECIR (Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Integrity, and Responsibility). Teachers always emphasize that in the end, what matters more is the possession of a sterling character, righteousness, and goodness of the heart," he said.

For this, Dr. Mateo could not find a better way to further inspire and motivate their graduates than to invite a speaker who is a young achiever like University of the Philippines (UP) summa cum laude graduate and now instructor Pelias.

"For this year’s commencement exercises, we chose to have Mr. Pelias as our speaker. We were impressed by his achievement of having the highest general weighted average in the post-war history of UP. We also thought that our graduates could easily relate to a young guest speaker."

As the new graduates are about to make the first important decision of choosing their future careers, Dr. Mateo finally gives advice on how to overcome challenges in and after college and to achieve excellence in their respective fields in the future.

"Choosing a course in college or a career is one of the greatest decisions that they will make in their lifetime. They should choose one that fits their innate talents and skills, so that the rate of success in finishing the course is greater and that, eventually, they make their respective marks in nation-building."

Celebration of excellence

Marking another celebration of excellence in education, the school recognized all the graduating students who had been exceptional both in academics and non-academics. Below is the list of awardees of MHSS’s 3rd Commencement Exercises.

Graduation Honors

Valedictorian: Viray, Jose Mayo Villanueva
Salutatorian: Agnes, Jade Ania Chavez
First Honorable Mention: Nuntasomsaran, Hymn Celorio
Second Honorable Mention: Banzon, Jeremiah Nagrampa
Third Honorable Mention: Eala, Maria Regina Fidelis Destua

With Academic Distinctions

Fabella, Marquitta Romasoc
Rojas, Claudine Sanvictores
Chuaunsu, Dominic Rainier Matanguihan
Celiz, Lia Lex Bjoux Bascug
Gonzales, Czarina Anne Orlanda
Sulpico, Aian Krystal Gayle Gelario
Lopez, Kathryna Marie Mateo
Ambrocio, Caryl Mel Villaflores

Academic Excellence Awards

Best in Science: Viray, Jose Mayo Villanueva
Best in Mathematics: Nuntasomsaran, Hymn Celorio
Best in Technology: Viray, Jose Mayo Villanueva
Best in English: Agnes, Jade Ania Chavez
Best in Filipino: Viray, Jose Mayo Villanueva
Best in Social Studies: Agnes, Jade Ania Chavez
Best in Research

Title: “The Effects of Using Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) as a Feed Additive for Domesticated Chicks (Gallus Gallus domestica) in the Philippines”

Alviar, Justine Marie Therese Macapagal
Ambrocio, Caryl Mel Villaflores
Chuaunsu, Dominic Rainier Matanguihan
Fabella, Marquitta Jane Romasoc
Nuntasomsaran, Hymn Celorio
Rojas, Claudine Sanvictores
Sanz, Jazmine Denice Alejandro
Torrecampo, Joshel Bagnaes
Viray, Jose Mayo Villanueva

Special Awards

Model Student of the Year: Viray, Jose Mayo Villanueva
Leadership Award: Agnes, Jade Ania Chavez
Athlete of the Year: Alejandro, Rodolfo III Hamtig
Artist of the Year: Quilantang, Juelle Ann Quevedo
Campus Writer of the Year: Nicdao, Gian Paolo Galupo
Gerry Roxas Leadership Award: Agnes, Jade Ania Chavez
AY Foundation National Discipline: Agnes, Jade Ania Chavez
Philippine Science Young Scientists Club
Medal of Excellence for Science Club Membership: Torrecampo, Joshel Bagnaes