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MHSS honors outstanding students at its 3rd Recognition Rites

Monday, April 23, 2012

School year 2011-2012 has been another fruitful year for Malayan High School of Science (MHSS), and this was due to the students who have showcased the true strengths of Malayans, most especially in academics. So to give the school year a proper closing, MHSS honored its hardworking and dedicated students during its 3rd Recognition Rites last March 30.

With the theme “Nurturing Scholars and Future Leaders Through Excellence in Science, Technology, and Arts,” MHSS awarded certificates of recognition to 38 students from first year to third year for academic excellence. For principal Dr. Efren B. Mateo, it was only fitting to recognize these students, as academic excellence is always attained through mental ability coupled with the right attitude toward learning.

“Other than mental ability, students must have the proper study habits in order to excel academically. Students who perform well in their academics are the ones who study hard and persevere, and possess that self-propelling drive to excel.”

Apart from the academic excellence awardees, the school also honored six Malayans who have displayed outstanding leadership skills and who have served as great role models to their fellow students. Amid the progressing and constantly evolving society and rapid advances in technology, Dr. Mateo stresses that moral development of MHSS students has remained a top priority of the school. It doesn’t only aim to hone future scientists and technologists but also to develop the future builders and leaders of the nation.

“We are always after the holistic growth of our students. We are not only focused on their mental development, but more importantly on their moral development. We want them to live up to the core values of MHSS and not to compromise goodness no matter what the cost is.”

Below is the full list of Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Model Student awardees of MHSS for S.Y. 2011-2012.


Third Year

1 – Carl Adrian Roma
2 – Irene Rose Racelis
3 – Karen Joy Dy
4 – Franceska Magno
5 – Jenni Anne Wee

With Distinction

Stephen Elijah Pasol
Melissa Julianne Quing
Eun Jin Kim
Cara Isabel Ignacio
Jan David Nicdao
Alberto Ma. Ignacio
Nichole Liboon
Ariana Claudine Bacquial
Kyla Dawn Mina
Sehee-Sara Seo
Hyeok Jun-Jun Seo
Julian Res Bautista
Kenny Jade Estores

Second Year

1 – Marian Jessica Quing
2 – Kyle Nathan Fazonela and Gabrielle Marie Simeon
4 – Romeo Silva
5 – Ma. Angelica Torres

With Distinction

Nina Duque
Eun Ji Lee
Bea Mantilla
Carlitos Buendia
Renzt Racela
Bianca Denise Zulueta

First Year

1 – Snehita Polishetty
2 – Horace Baria
3 – Aemariez Legazpi and Jared Gabriel Tayco
5 – Carl Anthony Belmonte

With Distinction

Jerry C. Agnes III
Amelito Andaya
Joachim Diva
Anthony Gerard Santos

Third Year – Carl Adrian Roma
Second Year – Marian Jessica Quing
First Year – Snehita Polishetty


Third Year – Franceska Magno
Second Year – John Cedric Custodio
First Year – Shaun Andino