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Malayan Science pioneers Internet of Things subject in the Philippines

Monday, March 13, 2017

Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) remains on the cutting edge of merging innovation and education as the school introduces a brand new subject to its Grade 12 curriculum in the next academic year: Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things refers to the use of cloud technology in the acquisition and interconnection of application software and hardware such as smart devices, cars, and electronic sensors. According to MHSS Principal Jocelyn L. Antiporda, MHSS is the first and only high school in the Philippines to incorporate the subject in their curriculum, to date.

“The idea to offer IoT came from MHSS President Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea. The goal was to ensure that MHSS students always have the most relevant curriculum at their disposal,” she shared. “In many other countries, IoT is already a way of life. But it is only now gaining traction in the Philippines, so we concluded that it was necessary for our students to start learning about such an important innovation.”

“Internet of Things is becoming increasingly vital to everyday life. Its applications range from intelligent shopping systems, transport assistance, and home security to energy management and biological cloud informatics,” agreed Patrick Jhiel S. Ilog, an IT faculty member.

Antiporda and Ilog both expect students to warm up to the subject quickly and to perform well because MHSS has carefully crafted the subject to be engaging to students. MHSS is also ready with the equipment and facilities to cater to the IoT subject.

“Junior High School in MHSS has a robotics subject, so students coming in to IoT already have some background because they were taught how these things work with programming. Even new students will be able to keep pace because they all come from a generation that grew up surrounded by gadgets and mobile devices,” Antiporda noted. “And by itself, IoT is already interesting. It really challenges you to build connections and weave functions to create something new or to address a need.”

Further, as the first young minds in the country to have IoT formally included in their course load, the incoming batch of MHSS Grade 12 students will become even more equipped to contribute and compete in the international academe and professional world.

“This new subject will not only increase students’ technical knowledge but it will also boost their critical thinking skills and communication competencies,” stated Ilog.

“With this IoT class, students will have to be very creative because they have to rely on their imagination. But they also have to be very logical so they can execute their programs. Devices are no longer small engines, but are needed in one vast network,” said Antiporda.