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Malayan Science marks its 11th year:
Commitment to mission… Fulfillment of the vision

Monday, January 23, 2017

For Malayan High School of Science (MHSS), being “a global center of excellence in secondary education especially in the area of science and technology” is both a vision and a mission. Still young at 11 years and with a long way to go as an educational institution, MHSS already has a global mindset, providing its students opportunities to excel not just locally but also internationally. The school’s forward-looking, global approach in forming its students necessitates it to be present in the international scene and to exceed the standards set forth in the international arena.

Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, MHSS President, charts MHSS’s specific steps to realize its vision-mission: “MHSS can be a global center of excellence by having a curriculum that is benchmarked with the best in the world, a faculty that is current in their respective fields, and an infrastructure that matches the requirements of its curriculum.”

Dr. Vea believes that for MHSS to be a global center of excellence, the school must first be “globally engaged in international student competitions and other activities.”

2016, a year that has been

Last year, the school obtained a great deal of success in its academic and co-curricular endeavors. Topping the list is the pilot implementation of the Senior High School program with the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) academic strand offering. Next is the Mapúa-Malayan Red Robins’ moving from the cellar to the very top of the NCAA Season 92 Juniors Basketball championship. Audrey Gabrielle Tan, an honor student, carried the Malayan flag on foreign soil competing in a Mathematics competition. Several students competed and won from interschool to national levels in Math, public speaking, and robotics contests. Student athletes also represented not just MHSS but the entire National Capital Region in basketball and gymnastic competitions. And the list goes on.

Looking back in the last 11 years, MHSS has produced graduates now excelling in the best Philippine universities, and then being leaders in various sectors.

The present toward the future

According to the MHSS Principal Jocelyn L. Antiporda, the foundation week is a good opportunity for reminding the entire MHSS community of the vision-mission of the school and their personal commitment in making it happen. The school administration encourages the students as well as the faculty to aim for excellence in every school activity.

“The vision-mission of MHSS is inculcated in our students and faculty through seminars and conferences, trainings, advance studies, national and international competitions,” Antiporda explained.

This year, the school’s first batch of senior high school students will be moving on to Grade 12. Part of their curriculum will be a course on Internet of Things (IoT), a network of smart devices communicating through the Internet. It enables objects to interact with one another through sensors to perform certain tasks. MHSS is the very first high school in the Philippines to offer this subject in the senior high school year.

“Our Mapúa faculty members, headed by Engr. Alejandro H. Ballado, Jr. in the School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering will design the course for MHSS. They will then train MHSS faculty for the delivery of the course. We would also have to acquire the necessary equipment and facilities. We are really excited about this differentiating aspect of the MHSS senior high curriculum,” Dr. Vea said.

Malayan High School of Science prides itself as one of the few high schools in the Philippines offering Robotics and Technology for students of Grades 7-10. Students are taught to design, program, and do basic electronics – a mix of engineering and the arts. According to Principal Antiporda, “the Robotics and Technology classes being offered at MHSS gives an advantage to our students especially in this present age of technological advances.”

As a move to the future, the school is keeping abreast with the latest approaches in teaching, as well as the technologies that will make digital-asynchronous learning possible. MHSS wants to be a true global center of excellence and a premier science high school in the country, able to breed high-caliber scientists and well-armed graduates for various other fields.