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Six MHSS students obtain perfect score in TOEFL

Friday, January 8, 2016

Eliza Danganan and Margareth Pablo obtained a perfect score in the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Grade 8 students Eliza Andrea Danganan and Mary Margareth Celline Pablo perfected the 900-item Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) last November 2015.

With them are Audrey Gabrielle Tan, Andre Johann Mariano, Rijan Opalla, and Hannah Lacaden.

The TOEFL measures one’s ability to use the English Language. It is recognized by institutions all over the world as a credible yardstick in oral and written communication.

The exam consists of multiple-choice items to be answered in two hours. Topics range from vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening, among others.

English in globalization

Pablo believes that English is important especially in the global setting.

“English is the universal language. So, I think to communicate with other people from other countries, we need to learn English,” she said.

Asked if English is her favorite subject, Pablo said “Math. It’s an easy subject.” Danganan’s favorite subject, on the other hand is Science.

Experiences in MHSS

Pablo and Danganan agree that their good experiences at MHSS sprung from the friendships they have.

“It was fun because of my friends,” said Pablo. “It’s full of activities and you learn stuff without really expecting it,” added Danganan.

Aside from the academics students learn at MHSS, the school likewise instilled certain values to them.

“Independence. Because the teachers here teach you how to do things on your own,” said Danganan.

“Responsibility, because our teachers give a lot of stuff to do so you need to know how to manage your time, do all your homeworks properly. You have to set your priorities straight,” Pablo told.

After school

After school, Pablo and Danganan busy themselves with their hobbies and interests.

“I like to draw, to write, and to play the piano. I play mostly classical music because my grandma is a classical music pianist,” Danganan said.

Pablo added, “I dance, sing and I play archery.”

The TOEFL perfect-scorers also shared their plans in college.

“I plan to take psychology, Danganan shared.

“I don’t know. I’m still confused. It could be Civil Engineering or Law,” Pablo said.