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10 ways to practice discipline

Thursday, July 30, 2015
  1. Wake up at a fixed time of the day.
    We know it’s difficult, but this helps you conquer yourself. When you conquer yourself in this little hurdle at the first moment of the day, you will sure conquer bigger hurdles on your way.

  2. Don’t be late in your classes.
    You do not want to miss your lessons, don’t you? Besides, a Malayan knows how to value time.

  3. Wear your proper uniform.
    Your uniform is your identity as a Malayan. Wear it with dignity and respect. Your clean and pressed uniform shows that you are a disciplined student.

  4. Sport the proper haircut.
    They say in order for you to feel good, you must look good. The proper haircut of a Malayan demonstrates neatness and grooming, which he is expected to carry on in his behavior.

  5. Focus on your class.
    Avoid talking to your classmates or doing unrelated things during class. Maximize the time you spend inside the classroom to learn about new things.

  6. Follow the school guideline on gadget use.
    The school administration has reasons for not allowing you to use your gadgets during school hours. For one, it distracts you from your academics. It also robs you of the opportunity to socialize with your schoolmates and friends. You can reserve gadget use at home.

  7. Respect your classmates and teachers.
    Your teachers are your second parents in the school and your classmates are your siblings. Obey your teacher’s orders and avoid bullying or teasing your classmates. Respect begets respect.

  8. Watch your words.
    If you have nothing good to say, just keep your mouth shut. It is better to control your tongue than to spend years of repairing the damage done to a person’s reputation. It pays good to be silent sometimes.

  9. Take care of school property.
    The properties of MHSS are for all. As disciplined students, you should treat the school properties as your own. Remember that vandalizing, destroying school properties, and littering are serious offenses.

  10. Do your assignments diligently at home.
    Your assignments test your retention of the lessons taught at school. When you get home, rest for a while, and then immediately do your assignments – in this way, you avoid laziness.