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MHSS finishes second place in UP ACES’ bridge making competition

Friday, September 12, 2014

Malayan High School of Science Grade 9 students (from left) Leslie Genevieve Ong, Kwak Jin Ho (Peter), and Daniel Fabellon won second place in University of the Philippines Diliman’s InCEthink: Bridge Building Competition last September 6. The event was organized by UP Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES) as part of the National Civil Engineering Summit 2014.

It was with the right knowledge and skills, focus and presence of mind, and invaluable cooperation that the team of Malayan High School of Science composed of ninth graders Kwak Jin Ho (Peter), Daniel Fabellon, and Leslie Genevieve Ong finished as second place in InCEthink: Bridge Building Competition at the University of the Philippines Diliman last September 6, beating 28 teams from different high schools all over the country.

Using creativity and good craftsmanship and applying knowledge in mathematics and engineering, participating teams would design and build stable bridges using wooden sticks, a glue gun, and a cutter. The bridges would then be assessed for their designs and tested for their strength.

“While in suspension, the bridges were tested for their strength with weight loads. Each bridge was made to carry an initial weight of 3.5 kilograms. Thereafter, every 10 seconds, the weight load was increased by 250 grams. Our bridge was able to carry a total of 38.5 kilograms,” explained Fabellon.

The team prepared for the competition with the help of one of Mapúa Institute of Technology’s civil engineering professors.

“More than a week before the competition, we designed and built a bridge similar to our entry in the competition. We brought the bridge to Mapúa for testing, and Engr. Melchor Pilones of the School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering offered some tips for the improvement of the bridge design,” shared Ong.

The team attributes its success to the knowledge and skills, dedication, preparedness, and cooperation of its members.

“It was important that we all knew what to do during the actual competition, particularly with the materials. A good eye for detail and the ability to turn out a neat work were also important. We always asked Peter what else was needed, and we made sure that no time was wasted,” said Fabellon.

Ong added: “We all understood and helped one another. Working as a solid team really made us succeed in the competition.”

Team leader Kwak also appreciates the support that MHSS has extended to them.

“MHSS has guided us since the preparation started. We thank our science teachers for being with us all the way to the competition,” he said.

Principal Dr. Efren B. Mateo could only take pride in this latest achievement of their students.

“We at MHSS and Mapúa aim to equip our students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to create new things that will have a positive impact on the society. We could only take this latest achievement of our students as a positive sign of their potential as future engineers that will build a stronger and more stable nation for Filipinos,” said Dr. Mateo.

The InCEthink: Bridge Building Competition was one of the highlights of the National Civil Engineering Summit 2014, organized by UP Association of Civil Engineering Students (UP ACES).