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MHSS Conducts First Card-Giving Day

Thursday, October 8, 2009

MHSS conducts the First Card-Giving Day for this school year on September 12, 2009 at the school gymnasium. The purpose of the activity is to inform parents of the academic performance of their children by way of the issuance of the report cards. In addition, it provides an opportunity for the school to honor the top performing students per year level.

The activity started with an opening program. Dr. Efren B. Mateo, school principal, welcomed the parents, teachers and staff, and students. Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, MHSS President, inspired everyone with his message. He also reported the outstanding performance of the students in various inter-school competitions. He emphasized that although the school is at its infancy stage, it is already making its mark among established and prestigious high schools in metro Manila. During the said opening program, the Freshmen wowed the audience with their exhilarating interpretation of the literary piece, “Wika ng Maunlad na Bansa (by Patrocinio Villafuerte),” through a sabayang pagbigkas (choral recitation). The said presentation was judged the best among the year levels during the celebration of Buwan ng Wika. Likewise, everyone was entertained by the kundiman rendition of Ronald Garret Pagulayan and Irina Cortez, both sophomores, who were also the winners during the same celebration. The two well-executed numbers sent the audience a strong message: that at Malayan, the languages, arts and music are equally emphasized and developed along with the social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and technology.

During the opening program, certificates of recognition were awarded to the Top Five students per year level, in terms of general weighted average.

1. Carl Adrian P. Roma1. Lorelisa Ethel R. Luya
2. Francesca Ysabella N. Magno2. Miriam Joyce A. Floresta
3. Irene Rose P. Racelis3. Matthew Brent S. Co
4. Stephen Elijah G. Pasol4. Amelito Manuel L. Andaya
5. Melissa Julianne L. Quing5. Mayumi Anne J. Catabijan


1. Hymn C. Nuntasomsaran1. Piere Justin R. Luya
2. Jose Mayo V. Viray2. Dustin Lemuel A. Marcelo
3. Jade Ania C. Agnes3. Ingrid Frances D. Ignacio
4. Jeremiah N. Banzon4. Camilla C. Bautista
5. Chuaunsu, Dominic Rainier M.5. Marco P. Rodriguez

In the second part of the program, the officers of the Parents’ Council were inducted to office by the school principal. The officers of the Parents’ Council, School Year 2009-2010, are:

President: Mrs. Donna Miranda
Vice-President: Mr. Manuel Chuaunsu
Secretary: Mrs. Marissa D.V. Reyno
Treasurer: Mrs. Gina Pascual
Asst. Treasurer: Mrs. Therese Cortes
Auditor: Mrs. Christine Patron

The Card-Giving Day was highlighted by a Parenting Seminar organized the Parents’ Council Officers headed by Mrs. Donna Miranda and sponsored by the fourth year parents. Dr. Alma Santiago-Espartinez, Chair, Philosophy Department of Saint Scholastica’s College was invited to talk on the theme, “Excellence through Discipline, Responsibility and Accountability,” the core values spelled out in the mission-vision of MHSS. Dr. Espartinez delved on the different parenting styles and identified which is best suited for adolescents like MHSS students. She emphasized that “excellence through discipline, responsibility and accountability,” can be best achieved by way of parents playing role-models.