Message from the President

These are very exciting times to be a young person. Of late, so much knowledge has been, and is being, accumulated so quickly. Furthermore, such new knowledge, along with the treasures of ages past, is, in most instances, just a “click” away. Such a development has given rise to so many opportunities especially for the youth in learning, creating, communicating, socializing, getting entertained and so on. Farther on in time, as today’s young people move on to their working lives, they will have a much wider choice of jobs they can do, businesses they can engage in, and places they can work and live in than in any earlier period of Philippine or human history.

The Malayan High School of Science feels this vibrant pulse and wants its students to be able to drink to the fullest from the cup of the present and the future. Thus we endeavor to deliver a curriculum that gives our students the chance and the wherewithal’s, digital or otherwise, to explore and immerse themselves in the various realms of the knowledge and then go on to imagine and create things and works, scientific and artistic, that never were.

We wish, too, that our students will grow not only intellectually but also emotionally, socially, morally, spiritually and physically so that they can live life in balance and to the fullest in all respects. Indeed we realize that high school is a very sensitive and important phase in young lives, and we therefore strive to make our students the center of our small universe.

Since the teacher basically stirs that universe, we have assembled topnotch faculty whom the students, we hope, will remember fondly for all of the rest of their lives because they opened their minds, unleashed their imagination, encouraged their curiosity and gave them a method to satisfy it, gave them the gift of words and numbers, opened their senses to the arts, understood the need for both work and play, and just plain touched their lives.

We established this high school to give an opportunity to Filipino families to have their children, be they inclined towards the sciences or the arts (using various media), undergo an education of very high standards. We hope it opens many doors for them upon graduation.

One of these doors opens towards MHSS’ mother school, the Mapúa Institute of Technology. For students inclined towards engineering and computing, an MHSS diploma gives them a straight path towards Mapúa programs accredited by the US-based ABET. This will make it easier for them to land jobs, get admitted to graduate school and directly take licensure examinations in the US and elsewhere. Those inclined towards multimedia arts also have a direct path to Mapúa’s topnotch program in this area.

So please come study with us and join us in learning, discovering and creating.

Reynaldo B. Vea, Ph.D.
First Valedictorian, Philippine Science High School