Guidance Center


The Center for Guidance and Counseling aims to develop the total well-being of students as individuals and as members of society. The Center supports the school in creating an environment that is conducive to learning and in providing the means to help the students achieve their optimum potentials.

The guidance and counseling programs include, but are not limited to, psychological testing, test interpretation, counseling, personality and leadership training for the students and parenting seminars.

The Guidance Center's role is to supply pertinent facts and data which provide information relevant to the school community. It gather and record all reliable information about the student's personal and family background, academic and career concerns, which will be used in the need of intervention. The office conducts psychological testing which include the administration, scoring, evaluation and interpretation. Moreover, it is concerned with providing individual and group counseling to students who voluntarily come to the Guidance Center to seek assistance. It works with specialists, parents, teachers and administrators to get wider picture of the counselee's difficulties and concerns, and to arrive at the appropriate intervention. The Guidance Center do research and evaluate available data at the center as a tool in determining student's developmental needs and concerns.

The Guidance Center is located at the third floor. Office hour is from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Proposes, implements, and spearheads guidance and counseling projects/action plans for the School;
  • Conducts psychological exams to the students, maintains an efficient filing system in the office and maintains the confidentiality of the same;
  • Attends to guidance and counseling concerns of parents and students; advises the principal and/or teachers-advisers regarding counseling concerns of students;
  • Prepares reports on counseling findings and/or progress for submission to the principal; compiles reports/materials for reference purposes and keeps confidentiality of the same;
  • Coordinates with the Student Welfare Committee, Prefect of Students, advisers, and other faculty members regarding case conferences and disciplinary actions;
  • Coordinates and attends to requests of other schools relative to the guidance and counseling concerns; releases Good Moral Certifications;
  • Performs such other pertinent duties that may be assigned by the immediate superior.


Ms. Alyssa Claire T. Firmalo
Guidance Counselor