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Third Quarter Academic Awardees

Saturday, January 15, 2011During the Third Card-Giving Day on January 15, 2011, a total of fifty-seven (57) students received certificates of recognition for obtaining general weighted averages of at least 90.

It is observed that every quarter, more students are challenged and motivated to be included in the elite list of academic awardees. As the graph shows, there is an increasing trend in the number of academic awardees for all the year levels, with the slope greatest in the second year level.

The academic awardees for the Third Quarter are the following:

Marian Jessica Quing
Gabrielle Marie Simeon
Carlitos Gines Buendia
Nina Isabel Duque
Kyle Nathan Fazonela
Carl Adrian Roma
Jenni Anne Wee
Irene Rose Racelis
Francesca Ysabella Magno
Karen Joy Dy
Jose Mayo Viray
Jeremiah Banzon
Jade Ania Agnes
Ma. Regina Fidelis Eala
Hymn Nuntasomsaran
Lorelisa Ethel Luya
Reibelle Raguindin
Matthew Brent Co
Miriam Joyce Floresta
Gil Johan Chingkiat

With Distinctions
Nijelle Asuncion
Renzt Racela
Romeo Manuel Silva
Stephen Elijah Pasol
Cara Isabela Ignacio
Melissa Julianne Quing
Eun Jin Kim
Nichole Marie Liboon
Lee Woon Hak
Jan David Nicdao
Kyle Dawn Mina
Hyeok Jun-Jun Seo
Alberto Ma. Ignacio
Kenny Jade Estores
Seehee-Sara Seo
Lia Lez Bijoux Celiz
Claudine Rojas
Kathryna Marie Lopez
Marquitta Jane Fabella
Aian Krystal Sulpico
Czarinna Anne Gonzales
Jonina May Magana
Caryl Mel Ambrosio
Dominic Rainier Chuaunsu
Ryan Ray Capule
Jaimee Ann Lopez
Josiah Juan Joson
Mayumi Anne Catabijan
Laluces, Hanna Mar
Kenneth Dy
Pauline Bianca Chua
Amelito Manuel Andaya
Konstantin Barrieta
Karl Gil Romero
Kristine Lagandaon
Levon Cepeda
Emilia Consuelo Duque
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