About Us


Science high schools have made significant contributions to the country. The multi-campus Philippine Science High School System, the Department of Education (DepEd) regional science high schools, and the science high schools of local government units have served as feeders to the science and technology (S&T) programs of various colleges and universities. Since S&T is vital to economic advancement, science high schools undoubtedly play a significant role in basic education and the nation’s life.

In recent years, the Mapúa University expanded its academic program offerings in S&T and other fields. To complement this expansion and contribute further to the country’s development and sustainability endeavors, Mapúa University built a more broadly based yet tightly focused science high school to succeed its former pre-engineering high school. Malayan High School of Science (MHSS) joins the ranks of science high schools in the country, very few of which are privately owned.

On June 5, 2005, the school was formally incorporated as the Malayan High School of Science (MHSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mapúa University. Construction of a building with state-of-the-art facilities soon began on a property along Paz Guazon Street, Pandacan, Manila. The inauguration of the school was held on January 16, 2006, with then Manila Mayor Lito Atienza as guest speaker and Mapúa chairman Alfonso T. Yuchengco, former Senate president Jovito Salonga, former Prime Minister Cesar Virata, and Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) chairperson Helen Y. Dee in attendance. The school opened its doors to 112 freshmen students on June 14, 2006.

Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, president of Mapúa University and the Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) and the first valedictorian of the Philippine Science High School, has served as MHSS president since inception. Though very young, MHSS students have garnered a number of awards and prizes in inter-scholastic competitions in science, math, and even sports, a reflection in part of the commitment and competence of the school’s faculty and administration. More challenges lie ahead, and the school welcomes these as it strives to fulfill its mission and attain its vision to be a global center of excellence in secondary education – overall and in science and technology.

Educational Philosophy

The Malayan High School of Science shall educate its students to have an exemplary foundation in natural sciences and mathematics; effective communication skills; deep appreciation of the current and emerging technologies; analytical mind, creative, and innovative spirit; awareness of social, global, and environmental issues; and love of country and humanity.


The Malayan High School of Science shall be a global center of excellence in junior high school education especially in the area of mathematics, science and technology.


The Malayan High School of Science is committed to the development of well-rounded and globally competitive individuals through advanced mathematics-, science-, and technology-oriented curriculum.

Program Goals

Malayan High School of Science shall equip its students with a strong foundation in natural sciences and mathematics; effective communication skills; a deep appreciation of the most important technologies of the day; an analytical and creative mind and an innovative disposition. It further aims to develop in its students a keen sense of awareness and concern for social, global and environmental issues affecting their country and humanity.

Educational Objective

The Malayan High school of Science shall produce completers who can gain admission to and successfully hurdle scientific and technological tracks in highly reputable local and international senior high schools.

Core Values

The Core Values of MHSS are our statements of commitment. Knowing them by heart and applying them in our lives will help us achieve our goal – that is to become well-rounded, globally competitive, and scientific individuals.


Self-discipline is essential to personal development and growth.

  • I strive to practice self-control in order to lead a disciplined life.
  • I obey school rules and regulations, show refinement, propriety and orderliness in dealing with others.


Excellence is a continuous improvement in tasks and responsibilities and in pursuing high-level standards in utilizing personal creativity and innovativeness.

  • I am willing to learn, to discover, and to create rather than be satisfied with simply following and imitating others.
  • I work diligently and practice industry in all my endeavors to improve on individual and team performances.


Commitment is the character of determination and loyalty.

  • I am dedicated to achieve the highest quality of results in all my undertakings.
  • I commit myself to a life with love and concern for others and the environment, to maintain harmonious relationship with others and contribute in the attainment of our school’s mission and objectives.


Integrity involves honesty, fairness, and respect.

  • I express myself trustfully and tactfully.
  • I uphold the value of honesty and ethical standards and fulfill my promises and obligations.


Responsibility is a character of mature persons.

  • I have my responsibilities to myself, to my family, to others, our country, and the environment.
  • I exercise good leadership and following and accept consequences of my actions.